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DG Express specializes in the provision of transport and storage services to companies all over the country.
DG Express also offers an integrated van rent service with driver to suit the needs of individuals, companies and professionals.


DG Express specialize in solving problems and finding a wide range of customized and reliable solutions for the client. In doing so we offer the following:

• full and / or exclusive load;
• groupage services;
• shuttle services H4, H12 and H24;
• van rental with driver and with the possibility of additional personnel;
• delivery, pick-up and transfer of goods;
• reservation and early warning services;
• unloading, introduction, elevation, unpacking and placement;
• registration and certification of the service provided;
• loading of used goods also in conjunction with the delivery of the new goods;
• protection of cargo while awaiting transportation.


Thanks to the versatility and capacity of its warehouses, DG Express is able to offer various types of storage, warehousing and logistics services integrated to the customer’s processes, both short term of for long periods of time. DG Express offers extensive availability of space and above all the solutions tailored to the customer, guaranteeing high levels of quality and professionalism at all times.


A logistics system deals with the modalities of transfer of the products, considering the constraints of time and the efficiency with the objective to contain the costs of transport, but also to manage the data flow and exchange of information with other company functions, customers and suppliers.

We maintain an efficient logistics system that can:

• Ensure fast, reliable and flexible deliveries;
• Guarantee discontinuous deliveries of small and large lots, with products in change during innovation;
• Contributes to the optimization of costs.

The objective of DG Express is therefore to develop solutions able to guarantee the availability of products in the places and times desired by the customer, ensuring precise qualitative objectives:

• Minimisation of stock breaks;
• Prompt delivery;
• Reliability and guarantee of the service for the regularity of the delivery, the integrity of the parcels of the products shipped and the accuracy of the accompanying documentation;
• Flexibility of the service with the ability to adapt the logistics system to the changing demands of the customer.

Consulting and planning

DG EXPRESS can intervene in support of its Customers with a wide range of consulting and design services, including:

• definition of the logistics system, highlighting the critical issues and areas of possible improvement with regard to the speed and reliability of deliveries, flexibility, costs and overall efficiency;
• design of a new logistics model through the redesign of supply chain processes and flows and the identification of areas that are subject to potential improvement;
• implementation of a new logistics system by defining stock levels, in quantity and position, along the entire logistics-production supply chain and the choice of the performance measurement system.

Strategic Contract Logistic

DG EXPRESS is able to offer solutions for:

• Strategic outsourcing or outsourcing of a whole logistics process or a significant part of it, including at least the transport and storage activities, up to the supply of production lines or the replenishment of store shelves,
• Commodity outsourcing with the assignment of parts of the logistic process to different operators, with the possible support of cooperatives for the movement of warehouse and / or hauliers for transport.




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