Collaboration Synergies Network


Through the construction, development and consolidation of links with other companies in various sectors of the transport sector (air, sea, rail) over the years, DG Express can avail itself of effective synergies to respond promptly to increasingly complex changes that it can face.

In this context, DG Express responds with customized solutions aimed at overall quality, innovation and cost containment.
With this philosophy of a customer-orientated approach, it is possible to meet the needs of any complexity of companies and public bodies that require solutions in terms of coordination, technical and administrative management, optimization of their resources, in other words offering flexible and competitive quality solutions.



A seguito di numerose segnalazioni pervenute, informiamo che DG Express Srl non ha né ha mai avuto alcun rapporto con la società tedesca Delivery Express DE Group.
Peraltro, le nostre procedure non prevedono l’invio di SMS o di altri messaggi ai Clienti, con richieste di effettuare dei pagamenti tramite l’inserimento di dati sensibili su apposite piattaforme web.

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